Error 12029 "Cannot Connect" on Update from the Web

This error generally occurs at program start, but it can also occur when you select "Update from the Web" from the "Internet Options" menu.


The error indicates that the program has attempted to access the CFS website ( Access has been denied by a firewall program on the computer. In this case, there has been recent Internet activity regarding the CFS site because the name has already been resolved to an IP address. (Otherwise, the error would have been 12007.)

This problem usually occurs after the program has been updated. The first time the program tries to access the Internet after the update, the firewall program recognizes that something is different, and it opens a dialog box telling you that the program is attempting to access the Internet.  If you click the OK button (or hit ENTER on the keyboard) instead of clicking the ALLOW button, the firewall program makes a DENY entry in its table.


The solution is to determine which firewall program has an entry in its program table with the switch (checkbox) set to "deny" instead of "allow," and to change the entry.

Examples of firewall programs include Windows Firewall, Symantec, McAfee, and Bit Defender. To find the program table in the firewall program, look under "configuration," "settings," "exceptions," or "rules."

If you are unable to find the firewall program or entry, configure the CFS program to stay off the Internet until you are able to fix the firewall settings. Open the "Configuration" dialog, and clear the check box next to "Check for web updates when program starts."

In the meantime, you can update the program manually. (See How do I manually download and install an update?)

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