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This function is equivalent to "Import From Prior Year" from past CFS programs.

TaxTools WorkShop contains multiple CFS products (called Toolboxes), including multiple years of the same product (e.g. Schedule D Tools 2021 and Schedule D Tools 2022). In other programs, it was necessary to "import" clients' files from one program year to the next. Since TaxTools WorkShop contains multiple years of products, this is done with the click of a button.

Files saved for your client appear in the Client's Files section of the main screen under the Toolbox name and year.

These files can be carried over to the next year of that Toolbox and converted for use in that Toolbox.

Carrying files over to the next year do not affect previous years.
  1. Back up your data using Utilities > Backup/Restore > Backup Data To...
  2. On the main screen of the program, click Copy files to [year].
  3. The Carry over client files dialog will appear. Click the desired button.
    The selected function will be performed on ALL clients.
    Overwrite: if you've done any work in the "next year's" Toolbox, this will overwrite those files and you will lose any saved work. (The program will attempt to make a backup prior to overwriting).

    Ask for each file: The program will ask for each file if it should be overwritten. The program may not function properly if certain files are skipped.

    Do not overwrite and Cancel. Close the dialog without making any changes.
  4. Change Toolbox Year to the "next year" to see the client's files.
    Not all modules are built to be converted to the next year. For example, an outdated form might not be converted to the next year but will remain in the previous year. Carrying files over to the next year has no effect on the current/previous year.
  5. Use the latest Toolbox Year to do your work for that client.
    Once you carry over client's files to the later year, it is strongly discourage to continue working in the previous year. While the data can be carried over again to the later year, it will overwrite any work done in the later year.

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