Error 16 when Printing Form


Printing a form results in "Error 16: Expression too complex," followed by program crash.


The problem is caused by a change in Visual Basic programs in 2006, and can occur in Windows 98 or ME when using an HP 4000 printer.


The solution is to replace the newer MSVBVM60.DLL file with an older version, dated 1999. There are several ways to do this.

If you have a CFS software CD from 2005 or earlier, copy the file from the CD to the hard drive, as follows:

  1. Assuming the CD is the E: drive,
  2. Start button - RUN to get the RUN box.
  3. Then the command is: Copy E:\winsys32\msvbvm60.dll c:\windows\system

If the file can not be copied because the destination is busy, reboot the computer and do this command again before starting any programs.

If you only have a 2006 CD, the cure is a little harder.

Rename MSVBVM60.DLL to MSVBVM60.DLX, and then install PR2005 from the PR2006 CD.

Do this:

  1. Start button - Run to get the RUN box.
  2. Type in COMMAND and click OK. This brings up the DOS box.
  3. In the DOS box type the following commands:
    1. CD \
    2. CD windows
    3. CD system
    4. Rename msvbvm60.dll msvbvm60.DLX
    5. Exit
  4. Put the CD into the drive. When the CFS installer starts up, kill it.
  5. Cancel button and then Exit Setup.
  6. Assuming the CD drive is the D: drive, Start button - run - and in the run box type: D:\PR2005.

This will install the PR2005 program which will put the correct MSVBVM60.DLL into the Windows\system folder.

If you are not licensed to use Payroll 2005, then install it in DEMO mode. You can uninstall it later - DO NOT REMOVE SHARED COMPONENTS during the uninstall.

If you have high-speed internet access, and if the failing program is Taxtools, Payroll, Tax Corresponder, Small Business Tools, Schedule D tools, or CA Sales Tax Preparer, then:

  1. Rename MSVBVM60.DLL to MSVBVM60.DLX as described above.
  2. Download and install the program (not just the update) from (Download - Download Software).

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