Payroll Firm/License Information Screen

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The user's firm and license information can be entered on the Firm/License Information Screen. This screen is displayed when the program is first run. The Firm Name, Customer ID number and License Code must be entered as it appears on the product mailing label. The screen can be accessed from the About Screen and from the File menu on the Client List Screen.

To upgrade the program licenses, enter the new License Code from the product mailing label or obtained from CFS, and click <OK>. The customer number and correct license code for the programs purchased is printed on the mailing label of the disk or CD. Users can also have their license code sent to them by email. Click the Get Lic Code from Web button.

If in doubt as to which programs you are licensed to use, click the MyCFS link on the Internet Options menu or contact CFS Tax Software.


The user may always enter the program in demo mode by entering "DEMO" for the license code, or any existing code that does not include the CFS Payroll System. All data entry screens and forms will be accessible, however, forms will print with DEMO banners.

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