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Error 5003 during Print Preview

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Error 5003 is displayed when previewing a printout.


There are two known causes for this error.

  • A missing or out-of-date file(s) associated with the software.
  • A damaged file(s) located in the software's INIS folder.

Solution 1: Reinstall

This solution should be tried first.

Reinstall the software to restore any missing files and to update any out-of-date files.

Follow the steps in the Reinstalling and repairing software article.

If the problem persists try Solution 2 below.

Solution 2: Move damaged files

Move potentially damaged files contained in the INIS folder to one side, then allow the software to automatically reconstruct the INIS folder and the files contained within.

Follow these steps:

  1. Exit the software. If it is on a network, ensure all other users exit the software until the solution is competed.
  2. From Windows Desktop run Windows File Explorer [ Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Logo Key + E ].
  3. Locate the folder the software is located in. See: Software Locations (Default).
  4. Inside the software's folder is a folder called INIS.
  5. Rename the INIS folder to INIS-ORIGINAL.
    1. Single-click the INIS folder to highlight it, then press [ Shift + F10 ] on the keyboard. A menu will pop-up.
    2. Select Rename from the pop-up menu. Then enter the new name for the folder.
  6. When the software is next run, a fresh INIS folder along with certain files stored inside the INIS folder will automatically be recreated.
  7. Run the software. The error should be gone.
    1. If the error is gone continue with Step 8.
    2. If the error still occurs skip to Step 9.
  8. In performing step 6 some, but not all, files contained in the INIS folder are automatically recreated.
    If you have preparers saved in the software exit the software; copy the file PREPxx.DBF (where xx corresponds to the year of the software's release) from the INIS-ORIGINAL folder to the new INIS folder. The PREPxx.DBF file is the database that contains preparers used the software.
    Once the original PREPxx.DBF file is back in place in the INIS folder any preparers previously saved will once again be available. You can now continue to use the software.
  9. If the error still occurs clearly the files in the INIS-ORIGINAL folder were not the cause of the error. Exit the software then rename the new INIS folder to INIS-NEW. Then rename the INIS-ORIGINAL folder to INIS.

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