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Form is missing text and/or graphics (boxes, shading and lines)

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This problem can occur onscreen while filling in a form and or when a form is printed.


Forms may be missing text, data and or graphics like boxes, shading and lines.

The layout of the form looks corrupted.

Here is an example:

Why is this happening?


There are a number of files our software uses that are responsible for the layout of forms. When we see this problem is generally means at least one of these files is incomplete.

The most likely cause is a recent update did not finish.

This could be caused by security software preventing the updater from updating files or only permitting a partial update of files.

Another cause could be user permissions, or lack thereof. The user performing the update may not have the necessary Windows permissions to provide the updater access to its file structure.

There are other causes, regardless of the cause the solution is the same.


Complete the steps in Reinstalling and repairing software to repair any damaged or missing files.

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