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What if I am too late to e-file?

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Getting set up with government agencies to e-file can be time consuming. The government has provided some alternatives if you've run out of time to e-file this year.

  1. If you don't have time to wait for the allotted 45 days to receive a TCC, keep in mind that some users get their TCC in day. Others take longer. You might have more time than you think, so still apply for the TCC, or if you already have, consider waiting a little longer for approval.
    It is faster to find your TCC online than waiting for the approval letter. See Finding your TCC online.
    Some users have reported having to wait 48 hours after obtaining a TCC before they could create an IRS FIRE account.
    Consider using a third-party transmitter if you've run out of time.
  2. BSO registration to e-file W-2's must be finished within 2 weeks of the filing deadline. If you missed the window, still register for BSO for next year and so you can late file.
  3. If you are too late to e-file 941's, you can paper file them.
  4. Form 8809 is used for requesting an extension, but keep in mind that it might not be approved.
  5. Your clients could file Form 8508 to request a waiver, but this should be filed well in advance of the form's filing deadline and it might not be approved.
You could file an extension/waiver but still e-file once you have a TCC, that way if the extension/waiver is not approved you still may file in time.
Even if too late to e-file, finish the process so you are set up for next year.

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