Error 1706: No valid source could be found for product ( ). The Windows Installer cannot continue.

Usually, error 1706 is preceded by an error message something like, “The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available,” when you try to open a CFS program. Uninstall and reinstall of the CFS program will not solve the problem.


This error does not indicate a problem with a CFS program; it is caused by the partial installation of an unrelated program. Generally, it occurs after a program has been installed or deleted, or there has been some registry cleaning activity on the machine. Some component of the program has been removed or detached, and the Microsoft Installer is trying to fix the problem. Why the Microsoft Installer is awakened by execution of a CFS program is a mystery; CFS programs do not use it.


The first step is to identify the broken program. The second step is to either uninstall it or to finish the incomplete installation. Sometimes it is necessary to communicate with the vendor of the program to determine how to correct the problem.

Look closely at the error messages and try to determine whether a program is identified. If not, look at your computer's "Computer Management" settings. (In Windows 7, right-click on "Computer" in the Start menu, and select "Manage." In Windows 10, right-click on Start and select "Computer Management.")

Under "System Tools"/"Event Viewer"/"Applications and Services," look for MSI messages, especially event types 1001 and 1004. These messages sometimes indicate program or module names which might be relevant.

Once you have identified the problem program, open the Control Panel and look in "Programs and Features" to see whether the program is in the list. If you can find it, and if it is a program you do not use, you can take the appropriate steps to uninstall the program. Hopefully, you will be able to remove the program from your system and the CFS program will then start up properly. However, the uninstall procedure may again give you the error message, “The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not available.” In this case, it may be necessary to call the software vendor to find out how to fix it or remove it.

If the error is caused by Microsoft Office, the solution is to put the Microsoft Office CD in the drive, then open the CFS program that initiated the error message. The CFS program will open, and Microsoft Installer will access the CD. After this procedure, the CFS program should operate normally. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure for each logon name used on the machine. This solution may also work with other programs.

Another program which has been known to cause this error is “It’s Deductible,” associated with TurboTax. That program can usually be uninstalled to solve the problem.

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