Texas Forms C-3/C-4, Employer's Quarterly Report

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Texas requires electronic filing for these forms.

This module contains Texas Forms C-3 (also see County Codes) and C-4, Employer's Quarterly Report. These forms can only be used if the employer has TX set as the PAYROLL STATE.

Data may be imported from the 941 Payroll Data previously entered. Select UTILITIES from the menu to import the desired quarter. The user must complete the portions of the forms that were not filled in by the import routine.

Wage totals on Form C-3 are calculated from employee data entered on Form C-4, which must be completed first.

The user must enter ALL employee data on Form C-4. If five or less employees are listed on Form C-4, the program will automatically print the data on Form C-3. If more than five employees are entered then all employee data will print on form C-4. Click NEXT and PREV to navigate among continuation pages, if necessary. If a new page is created, it will print and be counted in the page count even if blank. Be sure not to create new continuation pages if not needed. Pages may be deleted from the UTILITIES menu.

The module prints a submittal copy and an employer copy. The scannable submittal copy contains only data, no lines. Be sure to submit only the original of the submittal copy to the state.

CFS supports two method of electronically filing the UI reports.

1. See the Online Filing Support menu in the form module. Also see the separate module for Online UI Filing Support.

2. See Texas UI E-file for information on using CFS Payroll System to transfer 941 Payroll data to the Texas QuickFile program.

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