Field Details for Numeric Fields

Field Details for Numeric Fields

Expanded field details may be entered for numeric fields in any module on the Field Detail screen. When entering data in a form or worksheet, place the cursor on the desired numeric field and press CTRL+E or the equals sign (=). The Field Detail screen will appear.

To complete the Field Detail screen, enter a Printout Heading, if desired. The heading is used for identifying the field when printing the field details. Enter a description for each detail amount. The detail amounts are totaled at the top of the screen. When finished, press the Close button to exit the screen and paste the number into the form or worksheet field.

Lines may be inserted or deleted using the appropriate button. To print only the details entered for the current field, press the Print button. Field details for all fields in the form or worksheet may be printed from the Print Field Details item on the File menu.

Fields with detail entries in the form or worksheet are marked with a small black square in the upper left-hand corner of the field.

Note that the amount in the field details is for reference only. The actual amount shown on the form or worksheet can be changed without entering the data on the field detail screen.

The detail number will only be reentered into the field if the user enters the Field Detail screen and presses the Close button again.

To remove field details, the user must enter the Field Detail screen and delete all lines using the Delete Line button.

When printing all field details from the File menu, the fields print in order that they were last edited. For this reason it is important to enter a Printout Heading to identify the field to which the detail entries belong. [Obsolete]

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