Error 3050 in Payroll System

“Unable to lock.”

In a network environment, with multiple workstations accessing the Payroll System database, there are locking mechanisms to prevent one workstation from accessing data being changed by another workstation. The error results when the operating system cannot employ such a lock. In some cases, the error can even occur in a single-user environment.

There are two apparent causes for this problem: security and resource overload.


Each user logon must have modify or change permission on the Properties/Security tab for the database folder. if the database is being accessed across a network, each user must have modify or change permission on the Sharing tab of the share point on the server. If any user without the appropriate permissions attempts to access the database, error 3050 is a likely result.

Resource Overload

In a normal situation with healthy hardware, access to the database is fast. However, if there is another program accessing the database file, access to the file by Payroll System can be slowed down to the point where the operating system declares a timeout, resulting in the error.

Usually, the other party responsible is an antivirus program. It reads files that are being accessed by an application, which can delay Payroll System enough to cause the error. Another possible culprit is automatic backup software, which attempts to make an immediate copy to a backup location any time you change a file. 

Obviously antivirus or automatic backup software can cause a resource overload in a network environment, but it can even cause problems in a single-user installation, with program and data installed locally.

Solution for Antivirus Software

If you are running antivirus software, you can test to determine whether it is causing the problem. Antivirus software has different components. One of the components is called real-time protection. Turn off this part of the antivirus program and then test Payroll System to determine whether it still fails.

If this test indicates that the real-time part of the anti-virus program is the problem, the fix is to configure the antivirus program to make an exception or apply an exclusion for at least the current database folder (e.g., X:\CFSLIB\PR2012\PR2012DB\). To apply to all years, exclude the entire CFSLIB folder (X:\CFSLIB).

Solution for Automatic Backup Software

Some automatic backup utilities immediately back up any file you change, either to an external hard drive or to the internet. Such systems may cause Error 3045. However, it should be possible to configure them so that they do not interfere with Payroll System.

First, configure the automatic backup utility so that it does not back up the Payroll System database folder. Second, make sure Payroll System is configured to create a backup on exit (whenever data has changed). The automatic backup utilility can then capture that backup folder.

The automatic backup utility may perform both real-time and scheduled backups. If so, you can configure it to exclude CFSLIB from real-time backups, while allowing scheduled backups.

If necessary, call the vendor of your automatic backup software, explain to them that there is conflict, and ask them how to avoid it.

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