How do I move CFS programs and data to a new server?

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The default location for CFS programs and data is a folder called CFSLIB. You should find it within a shared folder on the old server, and each workstation should have a drive mapped to that shared folder.

Create a similar shared folder on the new server, giving all users of CFS program(s) the necessary permissions to read and write to the folder. Copy the CFSLIB folder to this shared folder on the new server.

On each workstation, map a drive to the shared folder on the new server. If the drive letter is the same as was used for the old server, nothing else needs to be done.

If the drive letter is different (or for a new workstation), for each CFS program perform the workstation setup as follows:

  1. Navigate to the CFSLIB folder on the new drive letter and open it.
  2. Open the folder for the program you wish to install (e.g., PR2020, TT2020, etc.).
  3. Open the WSSETUP folder within the program folder.
  4. Run the setup.exe file.

If the drive letter was changed, the program will probably start with an error message about the configuration. When the program opens, go to Configuration and verify that the data directory is appropriate. Click Save settings and Close.

Generally, program shortcuts are not installed on the server desktop.

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