Setting up vacation & sick leave

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Vacation and sick leave policies affecting paychecks and returns can be customized on the Vacation Policy Setup screen.

Opening the Vacation Policy Setup screen

  1. Double-click on a client in the Client List. If the client does not yet exist, see Adding employers and payers to the Client List.
  2. On the Edit Employer/Payer Information screen, click the Vacation/Sick Leave tab.
  3. The screen is divided into two sections, one for vacations and one for sick leave. Use the Add, Edit, or Delete buttons under each section to set the policies for the selected Client. Fill out the fields in the edit window.
    Be sure the appropriate income items are checked in order to apply the accrual and/or usage.
  4. Click Save when done.

Overriding policies for certain employees

Use these buttons to include/exclude employees from those policies.

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