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Error 53: File Not Found

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When running the software the following error message is displayed: Error 53 - File not found.

This problem may occur after a software update.


Files associated with the software are missing or are not accessible.

Known Fixes

Very important: If a reboot is pending to complete either a Windows update or installation/update of 3rd party software (including security software), complete the reboot before continuing.

Solution 1: Reinstall and Repair

Although data will not be affected by the reinstall process. We recommend backing up all client data before proceeding.
  1. Save your work and exit the software.
  2. See: Reinstalling and Repairing Software

Solution 2: Ensure security software is not preventing access to files/folders

Security software may include anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware software.

Adjust security settings to allow CFS software to run unhindered.

If you don't know how to manage the security software settings, contact your computer administrator.

Solution 3: Ensure the user running the software has adequate windows permissions

The user must have READ, WRITE, EXECUTE and MODIFY permissions to the folder the software is located in including files and folders within this folder.

If the software is installed on a network, the user will need READ, WRITE, EXECUTE and MODIFY permissions to the software's folder on the network and the C:\CFSLIB folder on the local computer.

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