1099 E-Filing: Checking file status

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The IRS normally sends you email(s) which will update and inform you of your file’s status. If you do not receive acknowledgement from them as expected, or wish to check an uploaded file’s status, do the following.

It is the Transmitter's responsibility to check the status of submitted files.
  1. If you are not yet logged into IRS Fire website, login, then click Check File Status from the Main Menu.
  2. Enter your TCC and your TIN/EIN with no hyphen. Choose All Files in File Status.
    A maximum range of 3 months is permitted for a date range search. This refers to the date you uploaded/submitted your file on the Fire System website. Instead of a date range, you can enter your FIRE assigned file name or your original (Payroll System) Saved File Name.
  3. Click Search. If searching immediately after uploading, your result will show Not yet processed. Once processed (usually within 2-3 days, the status should change. See Types of Results below.
    Your original file name has been maintained by the FIRE System on the right, which they call Your Filename.
    Good: IRS has received your upload.
    Bad: you may have up to 60 days from the date of transmission to replace the bad file.
    Effective January 1, 2022, the “Good, Not Released” file status and the “Good, Released” file status will be combined, so users will only see a “Good” status change. This will improve system response time and streamline customer file status reporting.
  4. Log out of IRS Fire System.

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