Arizona Forms A1-R - Annual Withholding Reconciliation Return

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Why is Form A1-R filed?

Form A1-R is an annual return filed to summarize the total compensation paid and income tax withheld for each employee during the calendar year.

Who Must File Form A1-R

Employers that file Form A1-QRT must file Form A1-R to reconcile the amount of tax withheld during the year to the amount of tax liability reported during the year. In addition, Form A1-R is used to transmit federal Forms W-2 and W-2c reporting Arizona wages paid and/or Arizona income tax withheld, and federal FormsW-2G and 1099 reporting Arizona income tax withheld.

See the 2022 Form A1-R instructions.

Also see the 2021 Form A1-R instructions.

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