Label Setup Options

Label Setup Options

The Label Setup Options screen can be accessed from the Label/Envelope Maker module by clicking the Edit Label button.

The screens shown below are from TaxTools. Other toolbox programs are similar. Payroll System screens will differ more but the usability is the same.

Ten pre-defined label sizes are provided with the program. Eight of the ten labels are identified by size and with their Avery label equivalent. Two label sizes are identified as Custom Label #9 and #10. These may be customized and renamed by the user. If the user needs to customize additional labels, any of the other eight labels may edited and renamed.

Choose the label to edit from the drop-down list before clicking the Edit Label button.

The Label Page Definition on the lower half of the screen defines the label dimensions on the paper. More specifically, it defines the printing areas on the label page. Although a label may be 4" wide by 1" high, the text that prints should be confined to a slightly smaller rectangle centered within the label, perhaps 3.8" by 0.8". The Label Definition and Print Area fields are used to specify the printing regions. The diagram shows a portion of a typical page with each of the field parameters.

The fields shown are common to TaxTools and the other toolbox programs. The fields in Payroll System are slightly different.

The Label Content Definition on the top half of the screen defines two different aspects of the label. The Label Client Field Layout defines which client fields to print on the label. Naturally, this only applies when printing client labels, not custom labels or any other label source. The fields below the Label Layout specify how the text will be printed within the print area. The font can be specified, including the size, bold, and italics. In addition, the alignment, offset for the first line and the line spacing (in lines per inch) can be defined. These font and alignment fields pertain to all label sources, including Custom Labels.

When printing client labels, the user can specify which fields to print on the label. First click in the Label Client Field Layout window and move the cursor to the desired insertion point. Next, select a client field in the Available Client Fields list and click the arrow to insert it into the Label Client Field Layout.

You can also include text on labels simply by typing it directly on the Label Client Field Layout.

To delete a field simply move the cursor to highlight the entire field and press the delete key.

The user can enter a name for the edited label in the Label Display Name field. This name will be shown in the list on the Label/Envelope Maker screen.

All settings on the Label Setup Options screen are saved when exiting. Clicking the Reset Defaults button returns all settings for this label to the default program values.

Diagram of Label Definition fields.

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