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A quick, informative tutorial program is installed with the Payroll System. We recommend that all users, new and experienced, view the tutorial to help acquaint themselves with the usage and features of the program. The tutorial can be launched from the HELP menu within the program or from the Start menu icon. Following is a brief written tutorial to help the user begin to productively use Payroll System.

1) Add a Client - In order to create and save data for employees/recipients you must first add a client from the Client List. The Client List is presented when the program begins. From the Client List screen, click the Add button to load the Edit Client Screen. The information entered will be used to complete various forms and reports and should be completed as thoroughly as possible. See the Edit Client Screen for more detail concerning field input. When finished click the Close button and save the client data. The client should now appear in the list. You may add new clients by clicking the Add button.

2) Enter Employee/Recipient Data - The Payroll System comprises several individually licensed programs (941/940 Payroll (After-the-Fact and Live versions), W-2/1099 Information Returns, Payroll Corrector, e-File/Magnetic Media). Select the type of employee/recipient data to enter by choosing from the "Select Program to Display" dropdown list just above the Module Library in the middle of the screen. Choose 941/940 After-the-Fact or Live Payroll to enter employees and checks for payroll data reports. Choose W-2/1099 Information returns to complete Forms W-2 and 1099/1098. Choose Payroll Corrector to complete Form W-2c. The Module Library list will change with each selection to reflect those forms and features available in the selected type. Only the program portions for which you are licensed will be available for data input. A General Forms/Utilities section is available to all users.

To enter data choose the desired form or module from the Module Library by double-clicking the list entry. Alternatively, you may click the list once to highlight the desired module and either press the <Enter> key or click the New File button above the Client Folder. A Payroll Data button is also present to go directly to the Payroll Data entry screen. The module will load and any pertinent client information will be automatically entered into the module input fields.

3) Complete the Module - See Entering Payroll Data for detailed information on using the Payroll Data screen or Entering Vendor Payment Data for detailed information on using the Vendor Payment Data screen. See Live Payroll vs. After-the-Fact Payroll for information on using Live Payroll.

For all other employee/recipient modules (W-2, 1099, W-2c), enter the required information for the module. For further general information on the form interface, see Module Interface. To obtain Help, see the Help menu for the available options. Pressing <F1> will usually bring up an overview of the module. Pressing <F2> provides help in completing the current field. When finished, choose Close from the File menu. Answer YES to the prompt to save the data. You may add another payee without leaving the input screen by selecting New Payee from the File menu.

4) Edit the Data - To edit the data that was just entered, select the form type in the Client Folder list. A list of employee/recipients should expand. Double-click the desired entry in the list or single-click the entry and click the Open File button above the Client Folder. The input form will be loaded with the data filled for the desired payee.

See Entering Payroll Data for detailed information on using the Payroll Data screen or Entering 1099-MISC Payment Data for detailed information on using the 1099 Payment Data screen.

For all other employee/recipient modules, records may be navigated using the File menu or the navigation button on the toolbar or by selecting the payee from the dropdown list on the toolbar.

5) Use the Data For Reports and to Print Forms - From the Module Library screen, select the desired Form from the list (Form 941, Form 940, Form W-3, etc.).

To fill out a payroll form, select 941/940 After-the-Fact or Live Payroll from the "Select Program to Display" dropdown list. Double-click the desired form from the list. The form will be presented on the screen. Most payroll forms have an Import menu item to import the 941 Payroll data previously entered. Select the menu item to import the data, complete any other fields on the form, and print it by selecting Print from the File menu. The data file may be saved by selecting Save or Save As from the file menu.

Information Returns, such as W-2, 1099/1098, and W-2c, can be printed by double-clicking the Print Forms W-2/1099/1098 (or Print Forms W-2c) list item. A screen with several print options will be displayed. Select the desired options and click the Print button to print the Information Returns. See Printing Information Returns for further details.

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