Network upgrades and additional users

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See Buying a subscription for an overview of the subscription process.

TaxTools WorkShop can grow with the size of your team. Two Concurrent Users are included free, but more can be added by purchasing one of the packages below.

Purchasing a package below unlocks the ability to install to one network.
  • Small Team: between 3 and 5 Concurrent Users.
  • Medium Team: between 6 and 10 Concurrent Users.
  • Large Team: between 11 and 20 Concurrent Users. Call (800) 343-1157 for larger teams.
An office with 1 or 2 Concurrent Users needing to install on a network should buy the Small Team option to unlock the ability to install on a network.

There is no additional charge for nonconcurrent use of TaxTools WorkShop. In other words, it can be installed and used on 50 computers at no extra charge but no more than 2 users would be allowed to use it at the same time.

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Buying a subscription

Partial-month subscription credit