Form 944-X – Adjusted Employer's ANNUAL Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund

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This module contains Federal Form 944-X, Adjusted Employer's ANNUAL Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund. Click the link to load the instructions from the IRS website.

Form 944-X instructions

"Which Process Should You Use" instructions on page 6 of the form pdf

Originally reported and corrected data may be imported from completed Forms 944 by selecting "Import Form 944 Data" from the menu, and then the appropriate submenu item, "Import Column 1" or "Import Column 2". Data imports from saved Form 944 files to column 2 for an originally reported form, and to column 1 for a corrected form. The user must complete any other necessary data, including explanations for the corrected values. Alternatively, the corrected column can be completed manually if no corrected Form 944 has been prepared.

Note that the import utility is only available starting in February after the current year-end Form 944 is released for the previous tax year. Prior year Form 944 cannot be imported from the prior year program, but it may be corrected by manually entering all the data in Form 944-X.

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