Error 3051 when Restoring Payroll Data


Error 3051 indicates that the payroll system database is "effectively read-only." In the case of the Restore utility, it indicates that the backup folder from which you are trying to restore is read-only, usually because the backup folder is on a CD.


  1. Copy the folder from the CD to a temporary location on the hard drive. (Note that the read-only attribute will be present on the copy.)
  2. Remove the read-only attribute, as follows:
    1. Right-click on the folder.
    2. Left-click on "Properties."
    3. At the bottom, clear the "Read-only" checkbox.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Select "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files."
    6. Click OK.
    7. Close "Properties."

Open the program and restore from the folder on the hard drive.

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