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Message During Automatic Backup: Change Backup Location - The Specified Location Cannot Be Used For The Backup

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When exiting the software an automatic backup is initiated, but the following message is displayed:

A backup folder is already in place and has been used for some time.

Why is this happening?


Our software has strict set of rules in place concerning the file structure inside the folder being used for automatic data backups.

The most common cause for this message being displayed is 'contamination' of the file structure inside the backup folder. Contamination in the form of files and or folders our software did not put there.

3rd party automated cloud backup software, system optimization software, security software and users themselves have been known to create files / folder inside our software's backup folders.

If 3rd party files and or folders are present the software will force the creation of a new 'clean' backup folder.

There are other possible causes, but regardless of the underlying cause the solution is the same.


Create a new folder for automatic backups to be saved in.

Follow the steps below. We will be using Payroll System 2021 as an example.

  1. After displaying the initial error message, the Auto Backup Location dialog. The current auto-backup location is displayed, e.g. G:\CFSLIB\PR2021\BACKUP
  1. To assign a new folder simply enter the name of a new folder as shown below. In this example we replace the G:\CFSLIB\PR2021\BACKUP folder with a soon to be created G:\CFSLIB\PR2021\AUTO-BACKUP-001 folder.
  1. Click OK.
  2. On Directory Does Not Exist, Click Yes to confirm.
  1. The new folder is created and will be used for automatic backups going forward.

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