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Entering vendor payments

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  1. To access the vendor payment grid, click the Vendor Payments button on the Module Library toolbar near the middle of the screen.
  2. If there are no vendors entered, then the Add/Edit Payee screen will display automatically. Otherwise, the Vendor Payment Grid appears.

The order of columns cannot be changed by the user.

Changing the default method of inputting checks

There are two methods of entering checks in the Vendor Payment grid. Users may change between the methods as desired by clicking the button above the Vendor Payment grid. The two methods are:

  • Enter By Payee. This screen can display all checks for one payee at a time or, by clicking the Show All Checks button, it can display all checks for all payees.
  • Enter By Date. This method allows the user to enter checks for multiple payees for a particular date. All payee checks for that date are displayed at once.

Shortcut keys

Some general navigation keys for moving around in the payment grid are listed below.

  • Home. Takes user to the first column.
  • End. Takes user to the last column.
  • Arrow keys. Allow the user to navigate within the grid.
  • Enter. Allows user to edit the current field.

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