Differences between e-filing with FIRE and IRIS

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The IRS maintains two separate e-filing portals for e-filing 1099's:

  • FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically), and
  • IRIS (IRS Information Return Intake System)
CFS Payroll System supports both methods. At this time, CFS recommends using FIRE. Eventually, the brand-new IRIS may supplant FIRE, but FIRE will be around for awhile.

The TCC is different

Before either system can be used a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) must be acquired from the IRS. The IRIS process is different from the FIRE process.

IRIS TCCs start with 'D'. FIRE TCCs start with a numeric character.
If you intend to use IRIS, you must apply for an IRIS TCC even if you already have a FIRE TCC.

Some forms may not be e-filed with IRIS

For a list of forms that IRIS supports, see E-file Forms 1099 with IRIS.


The free IRIS upload is limited to 100 returns at a time but may be used multiple times.

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