Can I use your program on both my office and home computers?

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The Stand-alone version

Our software is available as a either stand-alone version, or a network version. With the stand-alone version of the software, you can install the program on your computer's local drive. You can even install on more than one computer, but the computers won't share data.

This means you can install the program on your office computer and as well as additional computers, like a laptop you use at home. However, once again, they won't share the data.

The Network version

The Network Upgrade is an additional item you must purchase on top of the program, when you want to install the program on a network or a server type location where multiple computers can access it. If you need to install on a location like that you would need the upgrade.

So if you have a computer in the office and a computer at home and they both share data with each other, you would need the Network Upgrade for your programs.

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