Error 339: VSSPELL6.OCX failed to self-register


  • Error 339 - VSSPELL6.OCX is not correctly registered
  • Error 372 - Failure to load control: VSSPELL6.OCX


The cause of the error is that the installed version of VSSPELL6.OCX is incorrect. Version is appropriate for CFS software.

Solution 1

  1. Find the VSSPELL6.OCX in the SYSTEM32 (or SYSWOW64) folder.
  2. Right-click on the file and left-click on "Properties."
  3. Select the "Version" tab. If the version is not, rename VSSPELL6.OCX to VSSPELL6.OCY.
  4. Uninstall the failing CFS program and reinstall.

Solution 2

The following solution may require assistance from a computer technician.
  1. Click on the Start button, then on All Programs.
  2. Find the Accessories group. Locate Command Prompt.
    1. On XP, click on Command Prompt to open the DOS box.
    2. On Windows 7, right-click on Command Prompt and left-click on Run as administrator to open the DOS box.
  3. In the DOS box, type the command "REGSVR32 VSSPELL6.OCX" and hit the enter key. (Lower case is ok.)

Possible responses:

  • If response is something like  "'regsvr32' is not recognized...," you mistyped the first word.
  • If the response is "failed - module could not be found," either you mistyped the second word, or VSSPELL6.OCX is actually missing from the computer. If VSSPELL6.OCX is missing, the solution is to UNINSTALL the program, download a new copy of the program (NOT an UPDATE) and try the installation again.
  • If the response is "failed" followed by an error code, that code is the key to the recovery. Google can lead the way, but a computer technician is probably needed to follow the path.

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