Error 381: Invalid property array index

Error 381 indicates that data presented to the program is inconsistent. It is looking for a nonexistent item in a list of items. For example, looking for item 13 in a list with only 10 items would be “invalid”.

There are many reference files in the program folder that contain arrays. Imagine, for example, a file with two columns: first column containing the two letter postal abbreviations for states, and the second column containing the full names of the corresponding states. That is an array.

Below are several circumstances in which error 381 can occur.

Errors 9 and 381 on program start


When both of these errors occur at program start, it means that the program is trying unsuccessfully to communicate with the CFS website to determine whether an update is available while you are trying to open a document or form. Something is blocking access to the internet; for example, your internet connection is broken, or your firewall program is denying access for this program.


The immediate fix is to disable the program's automatic update feature:

  1. Click on "Configuration" on the program's toolbar to open the "Configuration Options" screen.
  2. Clear the checkbox in the top left corner, “Check for web updates….”
  3. Click "Save Settings" and "Close."

Error 381 during import from CSV file

Blank Rows

A CSV file represents an array of multiple columns and multiple rows. One possible cause of Error 318 during CSV file import is that there are one or more blank rows after the last valid row in the file. In this case, the solution is to delete the blank rows.

No Clients

Another possible cause is attempting to import a CSV file when there are no clients in the client folder. To import payroll payees and dollars, the first step is to select the client.

Error 381 while entering payroll data

Multiple Clients

If the error occurs with multiple clients, a program reference file probably needs to be replaced. This is done by uninstalling the program and installing it again.

One Client

If the error only occurs with one client, there is probably a damaged file in that client's database folder. If this is the case, it's best to contact CFS technical support for assistance.

Error 381 while entering stock mutual funds data


In this case, the error is caused by other software having installed a later version of the module VSFLEX7L.OCX. The version required by CFS software is


  1. Search for VSFLEX7L.OCX in the Windows folder.
  2. Rename the file, changing the extension from OCX to OCY.
  3. Reinstall the CFS program, using the workstatin setup.  (In the program folder find the WSSETUP folder and execute the SETUP.EXE file in that folder.)

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