DE W3 - CSV File Upload Instructions

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The DE Form W3 CSV File Upload screen is accessed from the "DE W3 - CSV File Upload to Delaware Taxpayer Portal" entry in the Module Library list.

See also DE Form W3.

This module prepares the CSV file for DE Form We filing on the Delaware Taxpayer Portal website.

You can upload your returns on Delaware Taxpayer Portal website using the CSV file format if you are a registered. If you are not yet registered and/or do not yet have a login, then follow the instructions online to register.

STEP 1 - Register so that you can bulk file W-2s, 1099s, and DE Form W3 for your clients.

STEP 2 - Create the DE W3 CSV file. First, create and save DE Form W3 data files using the e-file template module. Next, on this module's screen, select the employers with saved DE Form W3 data files that are marked "Ready" in the status column.

The status column lists the status of DE Form W3 for each employer. The meaning of each status is listed below.


One DE Form W3 data file has been saved for this employer and it may be included in the CSV file.


No Form DE Form W3 data file has been saved.


More than one Form DE Form W3 has been saved for this employer and the program cannot choose which to include. To include a file for this employer you must delete the extra files. Only one file may be saved.

MM/DD/YY - File Name

Form DE Form W3 was included in a CSV file with the specified file name on that date. The DE Form W3 data file may NOT be included in another CSV file unless the status is reset. See STEP 5.

Only those marked "Ready" can be included in a file. Check the box next to the employers you want to include in the file. Click the "Create File" button, navigate to a directory where you will save your DE CSV files, enter the file name and click OPEN to save the file. We recommend you use the default directory created by the program to save all your DE CSV files.

STEP 3 - Transmit the file to the state using the Delaware Taxpayer Portal website. First click the ''Login'' button to connect to the Delaware Taxpayer Portal website. Enter your login User ID and Password. Follow the online instructions to upload the bulk DE Form W3 CSV file containing all your employers.

STEP 4 - Be sure that the file was accepted without any errors. If errors occurred and you must resubmit, see Step 5.

STEP 5 - If you must resubmit, first correct the errors on DE Form W3 for each affected employer. Next you must reset the status of the affected employers on the list by placing a check next to each employer name and clicking the RESET STATUS button. This allows those employers to be included in another file for that filing period. You may now create the file again as described in STEP 2.

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