How do I print to a PDF?

Worksheets, forms, etc. can be sent to a client by creating and emailing a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. This is accomplished by means of a PDF print driver, such as PDF995. PDF995 is available as a free download from the Download Software or Download Demo pages at 

Once PDF995 has been installed, to generate a PDF file from within a CFS program:

  1. Open the form, worksheet, etc. you wish to send to your client.
  2. For most CFS programs, you will find a File menu in the upper left corner with one or more Print options. Clicking on one of the Print options will open a Print dialog, in which you can select PDF995 as the printer. (When printing forms in Payroll System, select PDF995 using the Setup button in the print module.)
  3. After you have selected PDF995 as the printer, click the Print button. This will open a PDF File Creation Options dialog with the following options:
    1. Checkbox for automatically starting PDF viewer,
    2. Checkbox for automatically creating the email (only works with Outlook or Outlook Express),
    3. Checkbox for a watermark stamp (use for a machine-readable form, such as Form 941),
    4. File Output Options (use to select the file save location; My Documents is recommended).
  4. Select your preferences and click OK.
  5. A Save As dialog allows you to specify a filename and, if necessary, change the save location.
  6. Click Save.

Once you have created the PDF, you can attach it to an email and send it to your client.

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