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"Information provided is not correct" when logging into FIRE

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When inputting company name and other information when logging into the IRS FIRE site, it shows "Information provided is not correct."


The info being input does not match what the FIRE System has in their internal record. The legal business name is a likely culprit as it must match exactly, letter for letter (and in spacing and punctuation).


The Company Name being input must exactly match IRS records. It is notoriously sensitive.

If you are able to finally login in after following the steps below, make careful note of how you entered your Company Name successfully – as you will again have to enter it exactly the same each time you login.
  1. Input the Company Name that matches IRS records, which may not be as obvious as it sounds. Follow the steps at Logging onto IRS FIRE with a Company Name that matches IRS records. If that still fails, go to the next step.
  2. Sometimes the IRS website is simply overloaded. Try logging in again outside of business hours. If that fails, go to the next step.
  3. Call the IRS Technical Services Operation help desk at 866-455-7438.
    Since the IRS seems to be inconsistent with whether or not they strip out punctuation from the entry made in the IR application, we sometimes wonder if there is manual processing done with IR applications. If so, it's hard to know what kind of error may have been made during their processing.
    If there’s time left before the due dates, you might also try to apply for an IRIS TCC instead.
    Consider filing Form 8809 extensions or Form 8508 Waiver from electronic filing for your clients. Each client has to sign either of those forms.

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