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Import District Codes and amounts into Form 401 Schedule A

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District Codes and amounts can be imported into the Schedule A, Computation Schedule for District Tax from within the e-filing modules of Forms 401-A and 401-GS from a CSV (comma-delimited) file.

File Format

The file must be in this CSV format:

District_Name, District_Code, Amount, Adjustment

LA County,594,32000,
Santa Monica,591,3100,50
Santa Ana,692,4850,
If no Adjustment, leave that column blank.


  • Do not include a header row.
  • Do not include $, commas, or cents in the amounts.
  • Use whole dollars.
  • Do not include additional commas in the District name.
  • Quotation marks are optional.
  • Each line must end with a carriage return, including the last.
  • The District Name is for user reference only. The District Code is used to identify the Schedule A district.
  • Multiple entries for the same district in the CSV file will be aggregated.
  • Zip codes cannot be used in lieu of District Codes.
Any existing district entries on Schedule A will be cleared during the import.

Import Procedure

  1. Create the CSV file according to the specifications above.
  2. Select the desired client from the CFS program's Client List.
  3. Select CA Sales Tax Preparer using the Toolbox Selector.
  4. Double-click on either E-FILING ONLY: Form 401-A/401-EZ or E-FILING ONLY: Form 401-GS and choose the desired tax period.
  5. Click Schedules > Import CSV into Schedule A.
    1. Click OK on the popup.
    2. In the Open File dialog, navigate to your previously prepared CSV file and select it.
    3. Click Open (or Save, depending on your browser).
    4. Take action on any errors displayed on the Import Complete dialog and review Schedule A for accuracy.
  6. Complete any other required entries on your return.
Refer to CDTFA-531-A2 form instructions.

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