Error 429: ActiveX component cannot create object

Programs such as CFS Payroll System and TaxTools sometimes call upon other programs (sub-programs) to do common tasks. The above error message indicates that at least one of these sub-programs is missing or its Windows registry information is incorrect.


The sub-programs are installed and registered by the program setup. However, maintenance procedures such as registry scans or uninstalling other programs can damage the environment.


If this is a network installation with the program installed on the server, or a single user installation and the program is for year 2009 or later, the following procedure will likely solve the problem.

You must be an administrator on the workstation to perform this procedure.
  1. Locate and open the CFSLIB folder.
  2. Within the CFSLIB folder, open the program folder.
  3. WithIn the program folder, open the WSSETUP folder.
  4. In the WSSETUP folder, find the file setup.exe. (Depending on your Folder Options settings, you may not see the .exe extension. If that is the case, select the Details view from the menu and look for the setup file with "Application" in the Type column.
  5. Double-click on the file. The setup program will launch and guide you through the setup.

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