OR Form OR-WR- Electronic Filing Instructions

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Beginning with tax year 2019, Form OR-WR must be filed electronically. CFS Payroll System supports electronic filing by creating a multi-employer XML file that can be uploaded to the Oregon DOR website. The alternative method of filing is for the user to log in to the employer's account on the Oregon DOR website and webfile the return.

NOTE: The program does NOT transmit the file to the Oregon DOR. Users must create the file and then upload the file to the DOR from the DOR website.

The Form OR-WR Electronic Filing screen is accessed from the "OR OR-WR Bulk Filing Upload (XML format)" entry in the Module Library list directly below the Form OR-WR module.

This module prepares the file for Form OR-WR filing on the Oregon DOR website but does not initiate any form of payment or credit, if applicable. Users must submit corrected quarterly returns and make payments separately, if required.

For help using the OR DOR website to upload the file, click this link to view the instructions with screen shots.

STEP 1 - Create a production file. First create and save Form OR-WR data files as if you were submitting them on paper. Next, on this electronic filing screen, check the box next to the employers you want to include in the file.

The status column lists the status of Form OR-WR for each employer. The meaning of each status is listed below.


One Form OR-WR data file has been saved and it may be included in the electronic file.


No Form OR-WR data file has been saved.


More than one Form OR-WR has been saved and the program cannot choose which to include. To include a file for this employer you must delete the extra files. Only one file may be saved.

MM/DD/YY - File Name

Form OR-WR was included in an electronic file with the specified file name on that date. The Form OR-WR data file may NOT be included in another electronic file unless the status is reset. See STEP 4.

Only those marked "Ready" can be included in a file. Check the box next to the employers you want to include in the file. Click the "Create File" button, in the File Save dialog keep the default directory or navigate to a directory where you will save your OR XML files, enter the file name and click OPEN to save the file. The filename should have a .XML extension. We recommend you use the default directory created by the program to save all your OR XML files.

When the file is successfully created, the file name will be copied to the computer clipboard. This allows you to use CTRL+V to paste the file name into the browse window when selecting the file to upload. To use this shortcut, the file must be created right before uploading it.

''ORreturnTemplate.XML'' is used by the program a as model to create the user's file. DO NOT overwrite or send this file to Oregon DOR.

STEP 2 - For help using the OR DOR website to upload the file, click this link to view the instructions with screen shots. To upload the file to DOR using the Oregon website, first click the ''Transmit via Internet'' button to connect to the DOR Revenue Online website. Once connected, follow the DOR instructions to upload the file. No login is required to upload the file. SCROLL DOWN on the page. On the left half of the page below ''iWire'' click the ''OR-WR XML Submission'' link, click the ''File Withholding Reconciliation'' link. Make sure the year is correct. Click the ''Add'' button. Enter a description. Click ''Browse'' and locate the file created in Step 1 and click ''Open''. Click the ''Save'' button. If there are no errors then click ''Next'' and enter your contact information to finish filing.

STEP 3 - You should receive an email indicating that the file was received. In another day or so you should receive an email indicating whether the file was accepted.

STEP 4 - If you must resubmit because of errors in Step 2 or 3, first correct the errors on Form OR-WR for each affected employer. Next you must reset the status of the affected employers on the list by placing a check next to each employer name and clicking the RESET STATUS button. This allows those employers to be included in another file for that filing period. You may now create the file again as described in STEP 1.

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