Error 5001 on Installation

When this error message is encountered, it is necessary to look further to find the other error number in parentheses. For example, the first line indicates “An error(-5001:0xffffec75) has occurred…”). Click the “Detail” button to get further information.

If Detail includes the line...

  • “SetupNew\Setup.cpp(135)," or
  • “SetupNew\Setup.cpp(615)," or
  • “SetupNew\Setup.cpp(588),"

...the probable cause is that the download was truncated. In other words, the entire installer file did not get transferred.

If repeated attempts to download result in truncation, try downloading to a flash drive at another location, and use the file on the flash drive to perform the program installation or update.

If Detail includes the line, “SetupNew\Setup.cpp(211),” the install will have to be done in safe mode. See How do I install a program or update in "safe mode?"

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