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CA Forms DE 9 and DE 9C

The CA DE 9 and DE 9C - e-services File Attachment module in 941/940 and LivePayroll converts Form DE 9 and DE 9C data files into XML ZIP files for uploading to the EDD e-Services website.

To use the module, you must have an EDD Employer Services Online account. If you do not have one, visit to enroll.

Step 1: Create Forms

The first step is to create and save Forms DE 9 and DE 9C, just as if you were submitting them on paper:

  • First, create Form DE 9 using the CA DE 9 - Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages module.
  • Next, create Form DE 9C using the CA DE 9C - Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages (Continuation) module.

Step 2: Select Filing Quarter and Employers

Once you have created the forms and verified that they are complete and correct, open the CA DE 9 and DE 9C - e-Services File Attachment module. Note the INSTRUCTIONS. Additional information is available by pressing F1 or clicking the Help button.

First, select the filing quarter.

Employers with saved data files will be marked "Ready" and checked to be included in the file.To select the employers you wish to include in the file, check or uncheck employers or use the Check All / Uncheck All buttons.

It is easiest to combine all employers into one file, and the EDD encourages users to do so.

Step 3: Create Files

The module can create three different file types: DE 9 XML ZIP, DE 9C XML ZIP, and Rate Inquiry CSV.

In most cases, you will be creating a DE 9 XML ZIP file and a DE 9C XML ZIP file. A Rate Inquiry CSV file can be used to request the UI and ETT rates of multiple employers. (See Help for more information.)

First, create the DE 9 file. Select DE 9 XML ZIP from the Files to create... dropdown menu, then click the Create XML ZIP File button to create the file.

When Save As dialog opens, just click Save. Do not change the name or location of the file.

A File Created message tells you the location of the saved ZIP file. Make a note of this location; you will need to know it when you upload the file to the EDD website.

Click OK to close the message box.

Follow the same procedure to create the DE 9C file:

  1. Select DE 9C XML ZIP from the Files to create... dropdown menu,
  2. Click the Create XML ZIP File button,
  3. And save the file to the same default location.

Step 4: Upload Files

Once both the DE 9 and DE 9C ZIP files have been created, they must be uploaded to the EDD website.

If you want to have the program enter your login information automatically on the e-Services website, click the Store Login Info button and enter your Username and Password.

If you have stored your login info, click the Login to e-Services button to open your browser to the e-Services website and log in.

Note the popup message. This does NOT e-file the return. The ZIP files must be manually attached and data must be manually entered online.

Once you have logged on to the EDD website, select the option to Attach a Return File. Then for each ZIP file you must:

  1. Attach the ZIP file.
  2. Complete a File Information form including firm name and address, number of firms on file, number of employees on file, and contact information.
  3. Complete a brief Declaration form.
  4. Submit the file.

You will then receive a Confirmation number.

For more information, press F1 or click the Help button. The Help file includes much more information on how to use the e-Services File Attachment module, including links to helpful tutorials on the EDD website.

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