Error 339: CSCMD32.OCX etc failed to self-register

OCX files assist the operating system with performing certain functions, such as resizing an open window or defining how the scroll bars work in a program. There are two versions of these modules: the older versions do not work with operating systems later than Windows XP Service Pack 2.

If you get the error while installing a program older than 2005:

The CFS installers for 2005 and later include newer versions of these modules that work with Windows XP SP2 and later.

If you are licensed for any CFS program from 2005 through 2008:

Install that program, and the newer OCX files will be installed, making the older program usable. It is not necessary to install the older program again. Installation of a CFS program for 2009 or later will not correct this problem.

If you are not licensed for any CFS programs from 2005 through 2008:

Download any 2005 through 2008 program ( and install it using the license code DEMO. The install will replace the old OCX files with new ones. You can then uninstall the product you just installed (NOT REMOVING SHARED COMPONENTS) and the older program will continue to operate.

If you get the error while installing a program from 2009 or later:

There are two possible solutions:

Solution 1: Delete the Files and Reinstall

  1. Open Windows (or "File") Explorer, navigate to the Windows\System32 or Windows\SYSWOW64 folder.
  2. Delete the files CSCMD32.OCX, CSCOMB32.OCX and CSTEXT32.OCX.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the failing program.

Solution 2: Install a 2005-2008 Program

The second solution is to install a CFS program from 2005 through 2008, either licensed or in demo mode, as described above.

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