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Adding employers and payers to the Client List

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An unlimited number of Employers (who you'll generate W2's for) and Payers (who you'll generate 1099s for) can be added to Payroll System's Client List. The Client will store tax, deduction, and withholding items that need to be calculated on paychecks and returns. Payroll System will automatically include these Payroll Items that are appropriate for the Client's state, but you can add, edit, or remove them.

Adding a Client

  1. Open Payroll System.
  2. Click Add Client.
  3. The Add Employer/Payer dialog appears. Fill in the fields.
  4. Click States Setup. Choose a state from the list.
    Preprogrammed tax items appropriate for the selected state will be automatically added to the Payroll Setup tab.
  5. Type in the UI wage and rate information.
  6. Click Payroll Setup. See Setting up payroll items.
  7. Click Vacation/Sick Leave (Live Payroll only). See Setting up vacation & sick leave.
  8. Optionally setup Departments and/or Worker's Compensation (Live Payroll only).
  9. See Client Status Fields for how to use these fields to track client status through the year.
  10. Click Save.

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