Where's my W2/1099 program?

Michael Toney Updated by Michael Toney

Are you sure you ordered it?

Many of our customers order both the 941/940 and the W-2/1099 components of the Payroll System. However, because 941/940 is released at the beginning of the year and W-2/1099 is released in late summer, it is common for customers not to purchase both components (for the same year) at the same time. Unfortunately, this means they sometimes forget that they have not ordered the W2/1099 program.

For example, it is common for a customer to renew the W2/1099 program now, many months after having ordered the 941/940 program for that same year. It is also commonplace for customers to renew the W2/1099 program at the same time as they renew next year's 941/940 program.

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