How do I change my address or firm name?

It is very important that you keep CFS apprised of any changes in your firm name or address. Not only do we need to ensure that our mailings reach you, but your license code is determined in part by your firm name and address. If you change the firm name or address within most CFS programs, they will cease to function unless you also update the license code.

Once you have notified us of a change in firm name or address, we will send you a new license code. You can then change your firm information in your CFS program(s). (See How do I edit my license code/firm information?)

Because it is the only sure way to avoid communication and spelling errors, we require firm name and address changes be in writing. You can either:

  1. Submit changes via your MyCFS account, or
  2. Notify us by email.

We will respond by emailing you your new license code(s).

CFS no longer accepts faxes.

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