Install Procedure - Add private database


This article refers to Payroll System but can be used for multiple CFS titles.

Install Procedure - Private database

Some Payroll System users require that their own company not be in the general database visible to their own employees. Our recommended solution is to set up a private database on the computer of the person who does need access to that information. It is simple for that person to switch attention between the general database on the server and the private database on the particular workstation.

NOTE: This procedure describes the implementation for the first year of the private database. The procedure Continue private database describes the installation procedure for following years.


In the Payroll Program go up to the menu bar and click on Utilities. At the bottom of the menu select Network Utilities: then select User List. Add a user with a name appropriate for the new database. Click on that user name and then click the OK button.

This brings you back to the normal display (three window screen). At the top, click on Configuration to bring up the Configuration dialog screen. Note at the top of the screen it identifies the user you just added.

In the middle of the left side is a box “Data Drive”. Use the dropdown arrow to select the “C:” drive. You will note that the large box below now has C:\ as the first line. Lower in that box, find CFSLIB and double click on it. Then below that line find the program folder for this year (e.g. PR2018), and double click on it.

If there is already a line below that containing the database name, like PR2018DB, then this step has already been done. Most likely at this point you will click the “Create” button to create the folder PR20nnDB. With the DB line highlighted click on the button “Save Settings.” Click YES to the question about creating the file. Then click “Close” to complete the creation of the new database.


From the menu bar select Utilities. Then select “Restore Selected Clients” to open the “Restore Data” dialog box. There is a box with a dropdown arrow which should be pointing at the server. Use the tall box below that to double click on CFSLIB and then the program folder (like PR2018) and then on the database folder (like PR2018DB). This should make the “Next” button black and usable. Click Next to get to the next dialog box.

The next dialog shows a box with a list of all the clients. Click on the desired client to turn it blue for selected. Click “Finish” to accomplish the copy from main database to private database.


Go up to the Menu and select Utilities - then Network Utilities - User list. Pick a user for the main database. Click on the appropriate client to select. Then use the DELETE button at the top of the window.


Many people have the program configured to make a backup of the database when closing the program. If you have created a different user for a private database, you will want to also establish the private backup database for that user. Go up to Utilities and use Backup Selected Clients to create a backup folder on the C: drive (C:\CFSLIB\PR2018\BACKUP) or wherever you choose. When the backup is complete respond YES to the question about the location.

Note also that when a client is deleted from the main database using the Delete Client button, the data is not immediately deleted. It is still available in case the “Restore Deleted Clients” is needed. To finish the delete, open the database folder and remove the “Deleted” folder.

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