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CFSSTRT: Program <File Name> was not Found in Folder <Folder Name> - Install may be Necessary

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After installing and then running the software the following error messages is displayed and the program fails to run:

In the example above, the error occurred in 2021 CA Sales Tax Preparer.


There are two common causes for this error.

  • A computer reboot is pending, either as a result of the software being installed and or a Windows Update.
  • Security software prevented the creation of the file mentioned in the error message. A file with a .RRA file name extension may be present instead of the file mentioned in the error message. The .RRA file is a temporary file created during the installation process. If this file persists after installation, this would indicate the installation failed mid-install due to security restrictions..


  1. Reboot the computer, then try to run the software.
    Rebooting the computer will allow Windows to perform required housekeeping related to the software installation and or a recent Windows Update. Once the reboot has completed our software should run without issue.
    If the problem persists, move to step 2.
  2. Reinstall and repair the software. See: Reinstalling and Repairing Software
    When reinstalling, ensure the installer is being Run as Administrator:

    - Locate the installer file previously downloaded from the CFS website.
    - Single-click the installer file to highlight it, then press [ Shift + F10 ] on the keyboard.
    - Select the Run as Administrator option from the pop-up menu.
    - The software installer will now run at an elevated level, which should allow the installation to complete.

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