Error 480: Can't create AutoRedraw image


Although the computer may have more than a gigabyte of real space, the amount of memory allocated by the operating system for graphics processing is a fixed amount. This error generally means that the current memory available for virtual screens is too small.

An Error 480 crash generally occurs when a lot of detailed information is displayed on screen, as in the Federal/State Tax Planner in TaxTools.


The solution for this problem is to reboot the computer.

If the error occurs frequently, there is probably a program with a “memory leak”—i.e., a program that asks the operating system for memory, but when done with the memory, does not give it all back to the operating system.

One change you can make in CFS programs to reduce the virtual screen load and therefore avoid this error, is to turn off the Help Panel feature.

In the CFS program:

  1. Click on "Configuration" to open the Configuration Options screen.
  2. In the upper right corner under "Tools," remove the check next to "Help Panel."
  3. Click the “Save Settings” button, then “Close.”

The program will no longer display the yellow help panel at the bottom of the screen, and will therefore be less likely to crash with Error 480. Help information will still be available in any field by pressing the F2 key.

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