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How do I perform a workstation setup?

To perform a workstation setup, the program must have been previously installed on the network (see How do I perform a network install?), and you must know the drive letter of the program's network location and have the necessary permissions. (See How do I map a network drive?)

Step 1: Prepare for the Installation

  1. Make sure you are logged on with administrator rights.
  2. Close all programs that can be closed.
  3. Disable anti-virus software.

Step 2: Find the Program Folder

The program will be in a folder named XX20yy, where XX is a two-letter abbreviation of the program name and 20yy is the year of the program.

  1. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on Start button.
  2. Open the network drive where the program is located.
  3. Open the CFSLIB folder. (If you don't see the CFSLIB folder, it may be the shared folder. In that case, continue to 4.)
  4. Open the program folder.

Step 3: Locate and Run the Setup File

  1. In the program folder, locate and open the WSSETUP folder.
  2. In the WSSETUP folder, find the file setup.exe. (Depending on your Folder Options settings, you may not see the .exe extension. If that is the case, select the Details view from the menu and look for the setup file with "Application" in the Type column.
  3. Double-click on the file. The setup program will launch and guide you through the setup.

When the setup is complete, there will be a shortcut in the “CFS Tax 20yy” folder in Start Menu -> All Programs and an icon on the desktop. Open the program, selecting the user name appropriate for the workstation or adding such a user name. If clients have been added to the program you should see them in the client list.

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