How are shipping costs for forms, folders and envelopes calculated?

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CFS ships most items via UPS. We pass the cost for shipping along to the customer.

The cost for shipping is mostly determined by the weight of the parcel and the distance it has to be transported. There are other variables, such as whether a location is urban or rural and generally how accessible the delivery address is.

The cost to ship 5 lbs of tax forms/envelopes to an address that is in the same county as CFS will be markedly less than the cost to ship that same 5 lbs of forms to an address in a different time zone.

Similarly, it would cost more to ship 28 lbs of tax folders/envelopes than it would cost to ship 8 lbs of tax folders/envelopes to the same address.

Moreover, UPS updates their shipping rates often. The cost to ship today might be more (or even less) than the cost was yesterday.

CFS adds the cost that UPS charges us for shipping to your order. In other words, CFS does not make money on shipping.

Calculating shipping costs at our website

  1. Log in to your MyCFS account.
If you don't have a MyCFS account, it is easy to create one. See Creating a MyCFS account.
  1. Create an order at our website
  2. Proceed to Step 2 "Shipping Options" and see shipping costs automatically calculate based on the items you select and the address where you want it to be shipped.

Call (800) 343-1157 if you have questions.

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