BSO changes login procedure and users must re-authenticate

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The SSA's Business Services Online (BSO) changed to to authenticate users starting in 2023. Existing credentials will not work. Users must login with and many will need to request BSO's SSA Services Suite for employers.

For more information refer to :

Creating a Business Services Online (BSO) Account

Requesting access to the SSA Services Suite for Employers on BSO website

BSO User ID and Accuwage Online

Users should complete the process early to avoid delays.
BSO registration takes longer than in previous years.  A new activation code is required and it may take up to 2 weeks after registering on BSO and requesting “SSA Services Suite for Employers” (under “Request New Services”). Also for certain registrants, adding “additional security” is required.
Users, including existing ones, must be re-authenticated before W-2 e-filing is allowed.
Call BSO at 800-772-6270 with any questions.

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BSO How do I know if I need to (re-) request, “SSA’s Services Suite for Employers”?

Creating a Business Services Online (BSO) Account