Form W-2c and W-3c

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See the instructions for Form W-2C and W-3C.

- 2024 Form W-2C and W-3C instructions

- 2023 Form W-2C and W-3C instructions

- 2022 Form W-2C and W-3C instructions

Scannable Forms W-2c and W-3c. Copy A of Form W-2c and Form W-3c are now printed in red dropout ink to enhance their scanning capabilities. CFS produces approved black laser-print versions of Form W-3c and copy A of Form W-2c for submittal. No expensive red forms are required.

Note on Form W-2c

Form W-2c prints one per page. The data may be entered directly on Form W-2c or employee data from Form W-2 may be imported into Form W-2c using the TRANSFER W-2 TO W-2C button on the Module Library screen. Users can import from the current program to correct the most recent W-2s, or a prior year program to correct W-2s file in a previous year. Note that the data imported from Forms W-2 is entered into the Previously Reported columns. The user must complete any boxes being corrected by making an entry in the Corrected columns. Only boxes containing an entry in both columns will be saved. The user does not have to delete entries in the Previously Reported column that are not being corrected.

Note on Form W-3c

Data may be imported into Form W-3c from Form W-2c for a given employment type by selecting Import W-2c Data from the menu. Note that Box 12, Coded items, only import codes D through H, S, Y, AA, BB, and EE. See the form instructions.

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