Export Client List

This article pertains to programs other than Payroll System. To export clients from Payroll System, click here.
  1. Click Utilities > Export Client List.
  2. Click Browse to change the destination location in Directory.
    1. Choose the desired location.
    2. Click Save.
      This merely saves the file name to the screen; it doesn't save the export file. That occurs later in this article.
  3. In Export Type, choose the desired file format, e.g. Comma Delimited.
    Click Load to use a previously saved export template.
  4. Select whether to export All Clients or merely ones that are selected.
  5. Select which client fields to include in the file.
    Click Business to see a list of fields specific to that type of client.
    Multiple fields may be selected by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on the field.
  6. Click > to use that field and click Up (or Down) to change the order in which the fields should appear in the file.
  7. Mark Write field headers in first row if desired.
  8. If desired, click Save to save the selections as a template to reuse in the future.
    1. Choose the destination in which to save the export file.
    2. Click Save.
  9. Click Export.
  10. Click Open.
  11. Click OK.

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