Restoring a deleted employee

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This article is for restoring a deleted employee (not employer). For instructions on restoring a deleted employer, see Restore Deleted Clients.

Unlike clients/employers, when a user deletes an employee, it is permanently deleted. However, there is a way to bring the deleted employee back without affecting other files.

While restoring the entire program from an earlier back up could bring back the deleted employee, backups replace existing files and do not merge them, meaning that all data input since the backup would be lost.
  1. Back up all clients to a location other than the usual back up location.
    Do not overwrite the most recent backup to this one, for it will be used later in this procedure. Do not use this location for Automatic Backups.
  2. Double-click on the original client to open Edit Empoyer/Payer Information.
  3. In the Control No. field, input a temporary value that is different from what was there before, if anything (e.g. "main").
    This is necessary so that the restore process is prevented from detecting that it's the same client and it will create a copy of the original client.
  4. Click Utilities > Restore Selected Clients.
  5. Navigate to the temporary back up location from the first step and click Next.
  6. Select the desired client and click Finish, then click Yes.
  7. A copy of the original client will be created with a new Control Number (e.g. "2"). Left-click on the copy of the client to select it.
  8. Move the employee from the copied client to the original client. See Move employee/recipient to another client.
  9. Delete the copy of the client. See Deleting Clients.

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