Payroll System Overview

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The CFS Payroll System consists of several separate programs combined into one convenient package. The programs may be licensed individually or together. Each license unlocks features for that part of the program. The three main programs are 941/940 Payroll (After-the-Fact or Live Payroll versions), W-2/1099 Information Returns (e-file/Magnetic Media add-on available) and the Payroll Corrector. For a list of forms/reports available in each program, see Summary of Programs.

The 941/940 After-the-Fact and Live Payroll are released near the start of each calendar year. Program updates are distributed throughout the year as updated forms are released. The W-2/1099 Information Returns and Payroll Corrector programs are usually released mid-year. The e-file/Magnetic Media program is released at the end of each year in December. See Adding a Program License below for details.

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