Error 52: Bad file name or number


Error 52, "Bad file name or number" is displayed.


Error 52 can be caused by either:

  • Using UNC network paths instead of mapped drive letters
  • Sharing the wrong folder
  • Installing multiple programs to the same folder
  • NVIDIA dual monitor conflict
  • Bad or missing rate file
  • Database corruption
  • Insufficient permissions to the INIS folder


Solution 1: Use a mapped drive letter instead of a UNC path

Error 52 is often caused by the use of a UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter.

  • Example of a UNC path: \\server\sharepoint\CFSLIB\TT2010
  • Example of a mapped drive letter path: X:\CFSLIB\TT2010

Paths are stored and manipulated by the program, and our programs are designed to use mapped drives. Using UNC paths will sometimes lead to unexpected results.

For more information, see How do I map a network drive?

Solution 2: Make sure the right folder is shared

Sharing the wrong folder in a peer-to-peer environment may also result in error 52. For example, let’s say the program is installed on one workstation in the location C:\CFSLIB\TT2011, with the intention of sharing from a second workstation. In a peer-to-peer environment such as this, the appropriate folder to share is CFSLIB. Selecting a lower folder to share, such as the TT2011 folder, will result in error 52.

Sharing the entire drive is not recommended.

For more information, see How do I map a network drive?

Solution 3: Don't install multiple programs to the same folder

We advise installing to the default destination recommended by the installer. Installing multiple programs to the same folder (for example, C:\CFSLIB\) will cause problems. If you right-click on the TaxTools 2011 shortcut icon and select “Properties” from the menu, the target should be C:\CFSLIB\TT2011\TT2011ST.EXE, not C:\CFSLIB\TT2011ST.EXE.

Solution 4: Fixing NVIDIA dual monitor conflict

Although very infrequent, error 52 has been known to occur due to a conflict with an NVIDIA adapter for dual monitors. To resolve the conflict:

  1. In NVIDIA Desktop, find the Applications table.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Browse to the CFS program (e.g., C:\CFSLIB\TT2012\TT2012.exe), and select it to put it into the program list.
  4. Unselect the master “Enable” checkbox to disable NVIDIA for this program. There should now be a large red X in front of the program entry.
  5. Click Apply, then OK.
  6. Close NVIDIA Desktop Manager.

The CFS program should now work. You will need to apply the same fix to any other CFS programs and to next year’s programs.

Solution 5: Fixing a bad or missing rate file

When entering dollar figures into the payroll grid, the program accesses tax rate reference files. These files are located in the COMMON folder. For the network version of the program the COMMON folder is located in the CFSLIB folder on the network drive. For the local version of the program the COMMON folder is C:\CFSLIB\COMMON.

The COMMON folder contains a folder for each year, such as WRATE12 for 2012. Delete the folder for the year that has the problem. The folder will be re-created the next time it is needed. If the error is being caused by a bad or missing rate file, this will fix the problem. If the error still occurs, the problem might be another reference file.

Solution 6: Fixing database corruption

If error 52 occurs with only one client, it is probably due to corruption of the database. Note that this can happen at program start if that particular client was the last one worked on and is the client selected when the program is opened.

If you suspect that the database has become corrupted, it is best to contact CFS Technical Support for assistance in rebuilding the database. If you are skilled with computers and wish to attempt this yourself, see Payroll System Database Reconstruction.

Solution 7: Getting permissions to the INIS folder and files

See Program freezes after displaying Error 52: "Bad file name or number".

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